Site Work To Do List:
  1. Should the Los Haro Map go under "About Los Haro" If so will there be a place for a Napa map?
  2. Sandy's to do:  Find out how to:  (c) how to change placement of photos and wrap text around them, on the Home page; [Some help below]   How to make captions for photos single spaced. [send me an email. it's hard.]
  3. QUESTION:  Do I have to load a photo into a google web album in order to insert it here, or is there a way to go straight from Picasa?  We should, and we should not put them in "sign in required" albums. Those can't be linked, google gets confused. See below.

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How to:

Edit this Site:   (1) log in and then click edit to start editing.  (2) Remember to click "Save" when done! 

Delete a Page:   (1) Goto the page.  (2) Click "More Actions. (3) Click "Delete Page."

Add a Link:  (1) Edit Page. (2) type the words you want to link and select them. (3) Click "Link" in the edit bar.  (4) Select a page from the site if that's what you want to link or click "web address" and enter a URL. (5) For non-losharo pages, you may want them to open in a new window (opinions vary). If so check the little box at the bottom.

Change the Site Title:  (1) Click "More Options." (2) Click "Manage site." (3) Click "General."

Add/Change Pages in Sidebar:  (1) Click "Edit Sidebar" at bottom of sidebar. (2) Click "edit" Navigation. (3) Click the Page you want the new page to show up below. (4) Click "Add page". (5) Notice the up, down, right, left arrows and X. These will effect the page you have selected. Question:  How do I change the title of an item in the sidebar? Ans: I can't figure it. I have to delete it and the put it in with new name.

Move Text and Stuff to a New Page:  (1) Edit Page. (2) Select what you want. (3) Cntrl C, or if you are brave--Cntrl X.  (4) Save.  (5) Goto New Page. (6) Edit Page. (7) Cntrl V.  (8) Save.

Make "Normal" Paragraphs:  (1) Type paragraphs and end them with Enter/Return, but don't put blank lines in between. (2) Select them. From the middle of graph 1 to the middle of graph 3 will get all three.  (3) Click "Format" and then "Normal paragraph text." This puts a little space between them.

Wrap Text Around Pictures:  (1) Type a paragraph (normal or not).   (2) Put the cursor just in front of the first letter in the paragraph.  (3) Insert the picture and turn on "Wrap."  (4) When things get moved around, or pictures deleted, google can get confused, and then the HTML must be fixed by hand.

Add a Picture with No Link to PicasWeb:
  First, get the picture's link.

  1. Open PicasaWeb and click on the picture. 
  2. Clink "Link to this photo" at the right.
  3. Check:   "Hide Album Link"   &   "Image only (no link)".   Leave size set to 144px 
  4. Click and copy the "Embed image" Link.
[[ If you don't see "Link to the photo," check Edit / Album-Properties. The Album must be Public or Unlisted, but not "Sign-in required." If "Link to photo" still does not show. (1) make a new public album, (2) move all the photos to it. (3) delete the old album, and rename the new one. ]]
  Now put the picture in the web site:
  1. Goto you web site page, Edit, Click where you want it.  
  2. Click Insert, Click Image, Click Web Address.
  3. Past the link on top of  "http://".
  4. The image will show up, click OK.
  5. The image will be huge in your web page. So click L for large instead of original.

Add a Picture with Caption:

  1. Add a two-cell table to your page. Cells can be side-by-side or one above the other
  2. Add a picture (as described above) to one cell and put the description in the other.

Add Special Characters: In windows: (1) All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Charcter Map. (2) Find the character and copy it to your document.  OR ... Look in the right side bar, where we can keep our own character map. Copy characters from it.  After you copy the character you may have to change its font, size, boldness etc. But all that seems to work fine.

Add a Map:  Use: Insert / Google...  Map.  You can zoom in, then drop a place mark and zoom out. But if you drop 2 placemarks, one will disappear after you finish the gadget.

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