Pictures: Summer 2009


For the camp's first year in 2007 there we some 31 participants, with boys and girls from both Los Haro itself and from settlement communities in the United States.  Each year the camp has grown and in 2009, in spite of having expanded the number of slots, the camp was once again at full capacity with 48 participants.  And still there were some left of the waiting list. 

New activities were introduced in 2009 and some old favorites were brought back.  


The 2009 Camp shirts and, for the first time, color-coded team scarves.

First day of camp: teams are ready and set to go.

Learning how their grandparents  used to plow the fields...

...and where milk comes from...

...and what goes into chorizo sausage.

Picking (and eating) peaches...

and baking pan dulce in an adobe oven.

Making new friends.


Team sports.


Craft projects.


Each participant plants a tree.


Making another kind of new friend on a field trip to Jerez:  the poet 

Ramón López Velarde,

author of La Suave Patria,  a classic poem of Mexican provincial life.

Jerez is a town rich in culture:  here camp participants visit the Teatro Hinojosa, the 19th century theatre  inspired by Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. as a way of honoring Abraham Lincoln.


Excursion to La Encantada park in Zacatecas.


Trying out skates at La Encantada


A new experience in 2009:  overnight camping.


The 2009 leadership team.


Checking out the sheep during a field trip to a nearby farm.

Getting ready for the closing ceremony in the Los Haro bodegas.





Crafts display.


Display of medicinal herbs from the surrounding countryside.



Handing out certificates of participation with
Dr. Rodolfo Garcia Zamora of the Doctoral Program in Development Studies of the University of Zacatecas. 


The 2009 Summer Camp in Los Haro comes to a close.

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