Pictures: Summer 2007


Cooking tortillas on a wood-fired comal under the watchful eye of Doña Beta.  Keeping them round and flat is not as easy as it looks!

Getting milk the old fashioned way.


Heating the milk to make cheese.


Learning to make pan dulce with Doña Beatriz (notice the improvised rolling pins).


Preparing to bake the pan dulce in an adobe oven.


Enjoying the results.


A visit to Alejandro Hurtado's peach orchard to learn about planting and grafting fruit trees and pick some ripe fruit as well.


Field trip to the colonial city of Zacatecas: in front of the cathedral.

Experimenting with optics at the Zig Zac interactive science museum in Zacatecas.


On clean up patrol in the rancho.
Sitting on the pyramid at Chicomostoc--field trip to the ruins of La Quemada, Zacatecas.


Cooling off at the old swimming hole.


Clowning around with El Payaso Manrique during the closing event of the 2007 Summer Camp.


El Grupo Maravilla: 
the team of camp counselors who kept it all lively:  Danilo, Viri, Lucero, Rubi and Claribel.

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