Pictures: Summer 2008

Summer Camp 2008
Participants in the second camp, together with the coordinators, counselors and Support Committee members Oscar De Haro and Sandy Nichols.

 Two participants ready to plant their saplings as part of a reforestation effort in the community.

Excursion to the city of Zacatecas to the El Eden silver mine.

On the little train that will take them deep inside the mountain to El Eden mine, a major mine of colonial-era Mexico.


Riding up to La Bufa on the  



A visit to La Bufa and the statue of Pancho Villa, Zacatecas.


Getting into the masa for hand-made tortillas with Doña Beta.

Hot off the comal.

A camp favorite:  back to the old swimming hole.

Morning athletics with Maestro Daniel.

The painting class

Back by popular acclaim: making pan dulce.

Rehearsing ranchera style steps.

Fun with science with the Grupo Nitro: a water rocket demonstration.

There it goes!


Art with a message:  stay off drugs!


On trash patrol.


The Rondalla de Jerez performs for the closing event.

The Grandmothers share some of the traditional songs.


Camp participants share what they've learned.