2008 Pics ver 1

Adventures with Dona Beta: making tortillas ranchera style

  Adventures with

Doña Beta

: making tortillas ranchera style (2007)

Nixtamal--the corn masa gets flattened into a tortilla using a wooden press. 

Even the guys like getting into it under the watchful eye of Dona Beta.

Hey, our pan dulce is the best!
Pan dulce ready to go into the adobe oven.
Getting into the pan dulce dough

Dona Beatriz demonstrates making dough for "pan dulce."

Agua Fresca made from fresh fruit is much better than a soda!
 Planting a tree in 2008
 Community service: collecting trash with Lucero around the rancho.
 Ana Carolina and her sapling.
 Maestro Daniel

Taco with a tortilla I made myself.