Summer 2010


Planning is now underway...

The next Summer Camp in Los Haro will take place July 19-31, 2010.

The Los Haro Support Committee in Napa has begun its fund-raising activities and is working with our counterpart Committee in Los Haro to make the program even better. 

On February 6, 2010 we held simultaneous cultural events in Napa and Los Haro.  It was another first: a transnational "Noche Bohemia"  (talent show), ours in the cafeteria at Napa Valley College, theirs in the bodegas in Los Haro.  Thanks to the El Duradio team we had a live internet hookup between the two places and we were able to watch each others' shows. 

Between now and then we have lots more fund-raising to do.  We will be planning summer activities, recruiting the team and spreading the word.  For more information on how to participate, contact Oscar De Haro or Sandy Nichols.

In the years to come our dream is to expand the Summer Camp into a year-round, after-school program with exciting activities such as a computer-based mapping project, an organic garden and many other cool things. 

Check back often to learn the latest.

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