Support Committee (Napa)

Members of Los Haro Support Committee, St. Helena, 2006. L-R: Roberto Segura, Silvia Segura, Luis De Reza, Cirilo Saldívar and Oscar De Haro.
The Los Haro Support Committee, or Comité de Apoyo Los Haro, was formed in Napa, California in 2006.  The group came together to discuss current  trends in its hometown of Los Haro, Zacatecas and what might be done to reverse the decline, lack of opportunities and abandonment currently plaguing the community.  Based on these discussions a Letter of Intent was drawn up and signed by the group. 

The Committee sponsors the Summer Camp program in Los Haro.  Fund raising includes an annual dinner at Markham Winery, tamale sales, and a Noche Bohemia, among its many activities.  

Norma and Zita prepare  fresh hand made tortillas for the "Fiesta Los Haro" at Markham Winery, 2008. 

Fiesta Los Haro dinner inside Markham Winery, 2009.

Silvia Segura, testing the tamales for our holiday fund-raising sales, 2007.

Los Haro Support Committee members at Markham fundraiser, April 2008.  Seated, row L-R: Roberto Segura, Jaime Felix, Norma Nava; standing L-R: Rosie Hurtado, Sandy Nichols, Zita Segura De Haro, Oscar De Haro, Silva Segura, Luis De Reza.

The Committee's fiscal sponsor is the Napa County Hispanic Network.  Its partners for the Los Haro Summer Camp include Napa Valley College,  the University of Zacatecas and its Doctoral Program in Development Studies, and the Municipio de Jerez, Zacatecas.