Letter of Intent (English version)


To Whom It May Concern:

The undersigned, originally from the village of Los Haro and the city of Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico, and currently residing in Napa, California, hereby express our grave concern regarding the present condition and future prospects for our Mexican community.  Present trends in Los Haro, as well as in many neighboring communities of Jerez, are accelerating a process of decay and abandonment.  We worry that our youth are becoming increasingly alienated, that emigration is increasing and that our elderly are being left alone and without care.  We worry about the lack of maintenance of the local infrastructure and of school buildings and facilities.   We worry about the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals, the declining condition of the natural environment, and the rising incidence of illness and diseases.  We are concerned about the lack of markets for agricultural products and the local lack of economic opportunities.  We believe that if present trends continue, in future there will be an increase in delinquency, crime and disunity.  

We are opposed to these trends and instead want to see Los Haro moving in a positive direction.  We wish to work to achieve a sustainable community: one that is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just.  In our positive vision we see people employed, organic orchards, healthy and toxic-free farming, good markets for our products, reforestation and trees in the streets, a family park, activities for children and youth, the schools in good condition, the cemetery well-tended, a well-maintained water and sewage system, a healthy natural environment, among many possibilities. 

We, the undersigned, hereby join to form El Comité de Apoyo Los Haro (The Los Haro Support Committee) in order to address this situation.  We are ready and willing to work together to develop and support projects and programs that will help bring about a positive future for Los Haro, its people and its natural environment.

Signed by Silvia Segura, Cirilo Saldívar, Oscar De Haro, Luis De Reza and Roberto Segura de L.

St. Helena (Napa), California
August 31, 2006
(Translation by Sandra Nichols)